WYD Rio 2013 - and Soon Kraków 2016

Indulgences granted by Pope Francis for World Youth Day

Pope Francis has granted an indulgence to all who participate in the 28th World Youth Day celebrations which will be held in Rio de Janeiro this month. The decree was signed by Cardinal Manuel Monteiro de Castro, the Major Penitentiary, along with Bishop Krysztof Nykiel, regent of the Apostolic Penitentiary

According to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, "an indulgence is a remission before God of the temporal punishment due to sins whose guilt has already been forgiven, which the faithful Christian who is duly disposed gains under certain prescribed conditions through the action of the Church which, as the minister of redemption, dispenses and applies with authority the treasury of the satisfactions of Christ and the saints."

A plenary indulgence will also be granted for those cannot attend World Youth Day. “The faithful who on account of a legitimate impediment cannot attend the aforementioned celebrations may obtain Plenary Indulgence under the usual spiritual, sacramental and prayer conditions, in a spirit of filial submission to the Roman Pontiff, by participation in the sacred functions on the days indicated, following the same rites and spiritual exercises as they occur via television or radio or, with due devotion, via the new means of social communication,” the decree states.

The decree also grants a partial indulgence for those who, “with a contrite heart” who pray for youth during the time of the celebrations. The prayers should conclude ”with the official prayer of the World Youth Day and invoking the Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Brazil, with the title “Nossa Senhora da Conceicao Aparecida” as well as other patrons and intercessors of the same meeting, that they may encourage the young to reinforce their faith and lead a holy life.”

The Apostolic Penitentiary, part of the Roman Curia, is a tribunal of mercy handling certain special cases regarding the forgiveness of sins.  In addition, it issues and governs indulgences.  

Spiritual preparation for World Youth Day is Key! 

The official WYD13 site has given us seven sessions of Lectio Divino for prayer and reflection.  These can be done as a group or individually, with other Pilgrims, or with friends and family.  Whatever works for you is the way to go!  Take some time and download this first reflection and see for yourself.  Even though the website says to do one a month, we will do one every other week in order to complete all seven before your journey begins.  Invite your family and friends, or people in your parish to do them also, as a way of supporting you!  We here at the Office of Ministries will be keeping you in prayer this week!

Theme 1: The Master Who Loves You

Theme 2: The Master Who Calls You

Theme 3: The Master Who Sets You Free

Theme 4: The Master Transfigured

Theme 5: The Master Who Prays

Theme 6: The Master Who Accompanies You

Did you know . . .

….that 52 young adults and parish leaders are attending World Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in just four months?  They will be embarking on an exciting adventure; an adventure of travel, of prayer, of community, and a true experience of Universal Church!

The content on this page are designed primarily for the pilgrims, so they can begin to spiritually prepare themselves for this amazing experience.  But it is also meant for those who are supporting our pilgrims, the parents, spouses, children, family, friends, and parishioners of the pilgrims should already be praying for them, asking the Holy Spirit to enter their hearts and make this time one of joy and excitement!

Each week there will be new content, either in the form of a link or a reflection on the World Youth Day experience.  Any attendees of past World Youth Days are invited to email their own reflection on the experience to share with the pilgrims.  Together, we can pray for a life-changing moment in the journey of these pilgrims, for we know their lives will never be the same!

Want more information on World Youth Day…what happens, why was it begun, etc…?  Head over to the webpage of our United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and learn more about this amazing event!

World Youth Day 2013 - Official Prayer

Oh, Father, You sent Your Eternal Son to save the world and chose men and women, through Him, with Him and in Him, to proclaim the Good News to all nations. Grant us the graces necessary so that joy may shine in the faces of all young people, the joy of being, by the power of the Holy Spirit, the evangelists the Church needs in the Third Millennium.

Oh Christ, Redeemer of humanity, the image of Your open arms on the top of Corcovado welcomes all people. In Your paschal offering, You brought us by the Holy Spirit to an encounter of sonship with the Father. Young people, who are fed by Eucharist, hear You in Your Word and meet You as their brother, need your infinite mercy to run the paths of the world missionary-disciples of the New Evangelization.

Oh Holy Spirit, Love of the Father and the Son, with the splendor of Your Truth and the fire of Your Love, send Your Light to all young people so that, driven by their experience of World Youth Day, they may bring to the four corners of the world faith, hope and charity, becoming great builders of a culture of life and peace and catalysts of a new world.


Oración Oficial De La Jornada Mundial De La Juventud

¡Oh Padre! enviaste a Tu Hijo Eterno para salvar al mundo y elegiste hombres y mujeres para que, por Él, con Él y en Él proclamaran la Buena Noticia a todas las naciones. Concede las gracias necesarias para que brille en el rostro de todos los jóvenes la alegría de ser, por la fuerza del Espíritu, los evangelizadores que la Iglesia necesita en el Tercer Milenio.

¡Oh Cristo! Redentor de la humanidad, Tu imagen de brazos abiertos en la cumbre del Corcovado acoge a todos los pueblos. En Tu ofrecimiento pascual, nos condujiste por medio del Espíritu Santo al encuentro filial con el Padre. Los jóvenes, que se alimentan de la Eucaristía, Te oyen en la Palabra y Te encuentran en el hermano, necesitan Tu infinita misericordia para recorrer los caminos del mundo como discípulos misioneros de la nueva evangelización.

¡Oh Espíritu Santo! Amor del Padre y del Hijo, con el esplendor de Tu Verdad y con el fuego de Tu amor, envía Tu Luz sobre todos los jóvenes para que, impulsados por la Jornada Mundial de la Juventud, lleven a los cuatros rincones del mundo la fe, la esperanza y la caridad, convirtiéndose en grandes constructores de la cultura de la vida y de la paz y los protagonistas de un nuevo mundo.


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